MRT and Me

Receiving my own MRT results was an eye-opening experience.

All that “healthy” stuff I was putting into my fruit smoothie every morning (yogurt, strawberries, bananas, mango) – REACTIVE!  Bread, wraps, pizza, bagels? Doesn’t matter if they were whole grain…RED REACTIVE to wheat.  Great Italian cook and RED REACTIVE to garlic and basil?? Afraid so.  Oh, and favorite things like peanut butter and green peas…frugal eating had to take a new direction for a while.

No wonder I felt bloated, crampy, fatigued and hypoglycemic.

Just because a food is so-called “healthy” – a superfood, even – does not mean it is that way for your particular body at certain times.

This is just one of MANY insights that can be gained from the journey through a directed elimination diet.

If you are symptomatic, despite removing known problem foods, this process can help uncover the foods that are best for you personally, and help you determine to what degree food is playing a role in your symptoms.

The directed elimination diet guides you to remove all reactive foods for a set period of time and replace them with low-reactive foods. You know what to eat and when to eat it. You read labels and record foods and symptoms. And work with your LEAP dietitian to achieve your goals.

Sometimes this involves giving up things you are accustomed to eating every day.  And buying unfamiliar foods that you may have no clue how to prepare (but you’ll learn*).

Gradually, you build a diet that satisfies and mends, and is expanded over time.

It’s important to work with your LEAP dietitian who is specially trained in this protocol.  That way, you’ll get the best outcome, the obvious goal of anyone making these changes.

When followed, the personalized diet often has people feeling better soon, sometimes dramatically so.

I know for myself, my daily episodes of hypoglycemia (eg shakiness, extreme hunger, needing to eat IMMEDIATELY especially protein) disappeared almost overnight and have never returned.  I have better skin and energy levels, no more late day fatigue, and feel more clear-headed.  This is typical for most people along with resolution of many of the sensitivity-caused symptoms they tested for in the first place.

Yes, diet change can be hard, but isn’t living with chronic pain harder? If diet is a trigger in your symptoms, a directed elimination diet may be the best thing you never tried.

*Pinterest has been a GREAT addition to the MRT-LEAP protocol. Rather than feel overwhelmed about what to eat, you get good ideas right off the bat – here is the Pinterest site I put together for LEAP clients – no deprivation: