IBS Elimination Diet

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a disorder characterized by abdominal pain or discomfort, and altered bowel habits (chronic or recurrent diarrhea, constipation, or alternating).  Many people suffer for years and see numerous health professionals in search of a diagnosis.

Symptoms can range from mild and occasionally annoying to chronically debilitating and life-altering.  Approximately 20-40% of all gastroenterologist visits are for IBS.

Traditional IBS treatments are geared toward minimizing symptoms.  Many are inadequate, leaving a desperate need for more options.

LEAP dietitians can evaluate for inflammatory symptoms that may be caused by food and/or chemical triggers in the diet.

This inflammation can cause widespread and persistent pain, nicely diagrammed here: http://reneeclerkin.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/rc_how_food_sensitivities_cause_symptoms.pdf

When dietary triggers are overlooked, symptoms often continue despite other therapies.

The Mediator Release Test, or MRT, is the most accurate food sensitivity screening tool available.  Using MRT results, patients – with the help of a trained LEAP dietitian – work to build a customized diet that includes non-reactive, healthy foods, thus allowing any diet-related symptoms to ease.

This clinically tested method alleviates the frustration patients often feel when trying to identify problem foods on their own.

To learn more about MRT, click the “Food Sensitivity Testing” tab http://wp.me/PvPaO-E.  To find out if you are good candidate for this approach, ask questions, or to schedule an appointment, click on the “About/Contact” tab.