The Challenge

 Dear LEAP:

     Our family to include myself, my daughters, my brother and sister, our mother, aunt and cousins all seem to have intestinal problems. So you can see why we all assumed it to be hereditary. Until one of my daughters tried a food sensitivity program (LEAP) which was recommended by her physician, a gastroenterologist. It worked so well for her the rest of us are trying it.

      I have suffered with intestinal cramping, gas and diarrhea for thirty years. Having to plan my daily activities around the nearest bathroom or restroom which I would visit three to six times daily. Since I started the LEAP Program no more mad dashes to the outhouse, life is good. I don’t know how, but I have even lost an unwanted fourteen pounds.

     I highly recommend the LEAP Program to everyone to see if they may be sensitive to any food group, additives, preservatives, etc.”  – Phillip C.

Food sensitivities present a clinical challenge for the following reasons:

  • Illnesses caused by food sensitivities are physiologically unique to each individual.
  • Any food or chemical can be reactive, and offending foods and additives vary widely from person to person.
  • It is common to have multiple reactive foods and additives.
  • Reactions are often dose dependent, and symptom onset can be delayed up to 72 hours after ingestion.
  • Provoking foods can generate symptoms all throughout the body, not just the GI tract.
  • Keeping food/symptom diaries often fails to show a useful pattern.
  • Food sensitivities are different than true allergies so allergy testing is of no benefit.

MRT-LEAP overcomes these challenges with a clinically sound elimination diet protocol to potentially achieve the type of results seen above.

The above testimonial covers some points worth noting: 1) Doctors do in fact recommend it and see healing in many patients. 2) There are countless people who gauge their day by the nearest bathroom, and there may be a solution.     3) Sometimes people live this way for a VERY long time, impacting quality of life. 4) Changing diet just might come with extra bonuses.

Every case is unique, and your results may vary. However if through pre-screening you are deemed a good candidate, and if indeed food sensitivity is playing a role in symptoms, you may be able to change how you feel simply by changing what you eat.

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