Fibromyalgia is a complex pain syndrome, and sufferers are typically desperate for relief.  A 2007 survey found that many fibromyalgia patients spend hundreds per month on medications, and hundreds more on supplements and other therapies in the attempt to feel better and achieve better quality of life.

The best management comes from learning how to adapt your own lifestyle and be as proactive as you can.  Therapy includes, in part, regular low-impact aerobic exercise such as walking (even if only for brief distances) and a whole foods diet free of hidden food sensitivities unique to your physiology.

Mediator Release Testing (MRT) can identify your sensitivities with the most accuracy.  A trained dietitian will use your results to create a customized hypoallergenic diet to help reduce your pain, and provide other beneficial lifestyle measures that can allow you to be functional despite a difficult diagnosis.

Fibromyalgia patients MUST actively participate in their own treatment.  Research on fibromyalgia shows inflammation plays a role in symptoms, and diet can be a major source of inflammation.  Take charge of your health and click on “About/Contact” to learn more.