What the White House garden would look like if planted with subsidized crops

Alternate title? Why We’re Sick.

“Collecting data from the Environmental Working Group’s farm subsidy database, Kitchen Gardeners mapped out the difference between the Spring 2011 White House kitchen garden and what the garden would look like planted with crops subsidized by U.S. taxpayers.

The infographic shows corn receiving 35 percent of funding; wheat, 20 percent; cotton, 20 percent; and soybeans, 15 percent. (Most of these crops are genetically engineered and have blanketed the US food supply unlabeled.) Money is also channeled to cash crops like tobacco, rice, and sorghum. What about fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other “specialty crops”? A measly 1 percent…”

Read more:  http://www.utne.com/The-Sweet-Pursuit/Americas-Subsidy-Garden.aspx

We are seeing the effects of these policies in the form of chronically ill and allergic US consumers. Achieving true health requires, at a minimum, becoming an informed consumer.

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