Some IBS sufferers willing to risk death….

A 2009 study (, pg 6) revealed that 8 percent of IBS sufferers would accept a 1 in 100 chance of death associated with a new medication if it would relieve their symptoms. Those with IBS classified as Severe were willing to accept even higher risks of death or debilitating side effects.

This is disturbing, on several levels.  First, it speaks to the level of suffering and impacted quality of life that IBS patients experience.  Second, information that IBS is often a dietary problem that can have a dietary solution is slow to get out. Few people in this study were satisfied with available treatments.  And so risking death for something likely to be unsatisfactory is a bad position to be in.

A better course of action? Consider food sensitivity testing to see if diet is triggering inflammation in the gut (where most of your immune system is) and causing symptoms. Discover what your unique food sensitivities are, and work to remove them from your diet, before trying yet another drug .

The safe – and most accurate – way to do that is the Mediator Release Test, or MRT.  Click on “Accurate Testing” ( and “MRT-LEAP Testimonial” ( ) links to learn more.

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