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Welcome! If you are interested in a personalized diet approach to chronic pain symptoms, you are in the right place.

Most inflammation-related conditions should include a nutrition component to the approach. However all of us (even those with the same diagnosis) benefit from help that is specific to the individual patient. This improves motivation, compliance and hopefully outcomes.

Sometimes, unique intolerances to certain foods are part of the problem. There are an increasing number of food sensitivity tests out there. All have pros and cons, and some are better at providing clinically useful information that can be incorporated into up-to-date diet guidelines for a particular condition.

This practice prefers the MRT food sensitivity screening test for a number of reasons. If after reading through this site you feel this approach is worth checking out, contact us to discuss if we are a good fit and answer your questions.

What’s new?? Practice has a new address, see contact info. And the MRT panel has been expanded to 170 foods! This gives us even more choices of what TO eat to feel better. Let’s pick and choose together and end up with a personalized clean diet that hopefully improves your day to day.